Client Testimonials



“This was my first time selling a home. Asim did an outstanding job explaining everything to me throughout the entire process. I am the kind of person that asks a lot of questions and expects detailed answers. Asim did exactly that, he took his time to go into depth into all my questions. He was available around the clock and picked up the phone every time I called, with very few exceptions where we did not connect but he would call me back within minutes. He is very fast to respond to emails and text messages too, this is a huge plus for me as during the day when I cannot take too much time away from my work. Asim also did an amazing job helping us get our house ready to be on the market with useful tips. His marketing material; photos, brochure and YouTube video really turned out very nice. I would definitely recommend Asim to anyone who is interested in selling a home and I would know that they would receive the best service”.

– Michael and Melinda Mendes



“As a first time home buyer, my wife and I had no idea what to expect when it came to looking for a house or the home buying process in general. Asim Mohamed did an amazing job in laying out the process for us and turning what could be a stressful process into an enjoyable one. He is not your typical real estate agent, he works with you and ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the house and has never made us feel pressured to make a sale. Instead, when we went to open houses or showings Asim would not only point out the good things about the house but also would mention all the issues with the house that we did not notice or would ever notice and that’s how we knew he would always look out for our best interests as opposed to trying to make a quick sale.

“Purchasing a house is likely the largest and most stressful purchase a person can make in their life so we are glad that we had such a hard-working and honest real estate agent like Asim working with us to find our dream home. We strongly recommend Asim to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, you won’t regret it.”

– Brian and Alexandria Soares



“This was my second time purchasing a home and having a real estate agent like Asim took a  lot of stress off the  family. He has tremendous knowledge in real estate and was very open to  share his knowledge with my family and I,  along with that he is a very honest person. Asim  took his time to show us different neighbourhoods, he  met our needs and was never one to  push us to do any thing we were not comfortable with. Asim was also a huge help in preparing our  home for showings and offering extremely helpful tips, he also has phenomenal  Marketing skills;  brochure, photos, websites, and a marvelous youtube video. His marketing helped to get our house sold faster than expected. We would highly recommend Asim and would definitely use  him again.” 

– Corrine Headley



“As first time home buyers we were expecting it to be a very overwhelming and stressful process, but with Asim’s help it was the complete opposite of that! He covered 100% of all the little details and was able to answer all of our questions (and I’m sure we asked the same ones more than once!). He made everything run as smoothly as possible right from the start. We will definitely recommend Asim to our friends and family, and look forward to working with him again in the future!”

– Jonathan & Nakita